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e4e table template

Styled Table


Styled Table 2 


To Create a Styled Table

  • Click into the content area of the page where you wish to create a styled table
  • Click the 'Template' icon   (in the 'Edit' menu of the CMS) and scroll down and select the 'Styled Table' template
  • You should now see the styles template on your page. Add your content.
  • 'Save' the page

The styled template can be customised further by right clicking anywhere in the table and selecting one of the table properties (add/delete columns and rows, add headers to the tables, delete table etc...)


to quickly add another row,
place your mouse cursor in the last cell of the table and hit 'Tab' on your keyboard

Alternatively to create an additional Row or Column
'Right click' in the table and select Row/Insert Row or Column/Insert Column (before or after) to create a new Row or Column

Accordion with table

Accordion with a table inside 


I have also combined the table template into an accoridion as I have used this on some pages.

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