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Senior Leadership Team 

Acting Head of School /
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs P Varaitch
Mrs Varaitch, a qualified SENDCo, has over 25 years' experience in the primary education sector.  Her skills and knowledge have been acquired through working in many different contexts, ranging from mainstream primary schools to specialist behaviour and SEND settings. 

Middle Leadership Team 

Foundation Stage Lead 
(Nursery & Reception)

Mrs G Harling
(Acting Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Lower School Lead 
(EYFS and KS1)

Mrs G Harling
(Acting Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 

Upper School Lead 
(Years 3-6)

Mrs L Stephen 
(Acting Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs R Langford 

Class Teachers & Teaching Assistants 

Class Name


Teaching Assistant


Miss C White

Ms K Jones

Reception Bell

Mrs C Nicholls

Miss J Jackman

Reception King

Miss A Harfield

Mrs H Farooq

Y1 Picasso

Ms S Burney

Miss S Deanus
Mr S Christodoulou

Y1 Simmonds

Mr J McCann

Mrs A Hoxha
Mr S Christodoulou

Y2 Mozart

Miss C Furby-Creagh

Mrs Sood
Mrs P Rafinan
Mr S Christodoulou

Y2 Parks

Mrs S Rowland

Mrs P Rafinan
Mr S Christodoulou

Y3 Gandhi

Mrs K Chassot

Mrs H Law
Mrs Pocock
Mrs Matharoo

Y3 Pankhurst

Mrs A Spencer

Mrs H Law
Mrs Pocock
Mrs Matharoo

Y4 Curie

Mr R Perryman

Miss J Kandapah
Ms Quirke
Ms Aldons

Y4 Hawking

Miss J Alam (M/T/W)
Mrs L Stephen (Th/F)

Miss J Kandapah
Ms Aldons 

Y5 Franklin

Miss S Madison

Mrs D Stewart

Y5 Brunel

Miss E Goodwin

Mrs D Stewart

Y6 Da Vinci

Mrs B Colgan

Mrs Sridhar

Y6 Seacole

Mr J Doyle 

Mrs Sridhar
Ms A Aldons

Other Staff

Phonics Lead / Cover     


PE & Sports Lead 

Ms A Parrett

French Teacher

Mrs K Chassot


Mrs A Aldons, Mrs S Quirke,
Mr S Christoloudou,
Mrs L Auger, Mrs L Pocock

EAL/Catch Up Tutor

Ms L Briguglio


Ms S Madison, Mrs A Edwards, 
Ms A Parrett

Librarian/1:1 Tutor

Mrs L Auger

Before / After School Care

Mrs Steptoe, Mrs Auger, Ms Myers,
Ms Hagger, Ms Smith,
Miss Mahoney

Support Staff 

Receptionist / Administrator

Mrs P Mendonca

Administrator (Admissions/Attendance)

Mrs V Raycheva


Mrs N Chaggar


Ms S Mahoney 


Mr D Etheridge 
Ms Z Finn


Mrs C Hagger ,
Mrs K Myler, Mrs L Auger, 
Mrs P Sood, Mrs N Kelly

Senior Clerk to the

Maria Faley 


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