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Our School Vision and Values

Our Vision

At Hermitage, we recognise that all our children arrive with different early life experiences, and therefore, our safe and inclusive environment provides them with the best starting point for developing a love of life-long learning. Our vision is to ensure that all children are cultivated into well-rounded individuals through our outstanding educational offer. Our priority is for our children to leave us equipped and ready for the next stage of their educational journey. 

Trust's Values

Our ethos is achieved through the trust's values of aspiration, community, and equity.

Our SMILE Programme

At Hermitage, we realise that well-rounded individuals need more than just an excellent academic education in order to succeed and prosper in tomorrow's world and so, we have developed our bespoke SMILE programme for all our children.

Our staff are regularly trained in supporting positive mental and emotional health and value the importance of forming strong, effective relationships with our children.

Our SMILE programme penetrates every part of the school day to ensure our children are in the right frame of mind to enjoy and succeed in every aspect of school and beyond.

Our School Promise

Fundamental British Values

What are Fundamental British Values?

Fundamental British Values are a set of principles that embody the collective ideals and beliefs deemed essential for promoting unity, tolerance and respect within British society. These values are outlined by the government as part of the Prevent strategy, which aims to safeguard against extremism and radicalisation. While there is no exhaustive list, the four core values widely recognised are:

  1. Democracy: Democracy lies at the heart of British governance, where citizens have the right to elect representatives, participate in decision-making processes, and hold their leaders accountable. Respect for the rule of law and individual freedoms are fundamental to a democratic society.

  2. The rule of law: The rule of law ensures that all individuals, regardless of their status or background, are subject to a fair and impartial legal system. It encompasses principles of justice, equality before the law, and respect for human rights. Upholding the rule of law is essential for maintaining order and justice within society.

  3. Individual liberty: Individual liberty emphasises the rights and freedoms afforded to every person, including freedom of speech, expression, and belief. It encompasses the autonomy to make choices and pursue personal aspirations within the bounds of the law. Respecting individual liberty fosters diversity, creativity, and innovation.

  4. Mutual respect and tolerance: Mutual respect and tolerance require acknowledging and valuing the diversity of beliefs, cultures and lifestyles within society. It entails treating others with dignity, empathy and understanding, even in the face of differing opinions or backgrounds. Promoting respect and tolerance helps to build cohesive communities and reduce social tensions.

Why are Fundamental British Values Important?

Fundamental British Values serve as the bedrock of a cohesive and inclusive society, providing a common framework for social interaction, governance and education. By embracing these values, individuals and institutions contribute to:

  • Social Cohesion: Fundamental British Values promote a sense of belonging and shared identity amongst diverse communities, fostering social cohesion and unity.

  • Citizenship Education: Educating individuals about FBVs instils a sense of civic responsibility, democratic participation and respect for the rights of others.

  • Preventing Extremism: By promoting democratic principles, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect, FBVs help safeguard against extremist ideologies that threaten social harmony.

  • Integration and Inclusion: Upholding FBVs creates an environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel valued, respected, and included, regardless of differences.

We actively promote British Values through focusing on, and showing how, the school’s work is effective in securing these values, and challenging pupils, staff, visitors or parents who express opinions contrary to British Values.  We appreciate the support of our parents, and the wider school community, in ensuring that we are inclusive and actively promote the values in a positive way.

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