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We are a school community and work in partnership
with our parents and carers.

We aim to listen to what our parents and carers have to say about their experience
at our school and are constantly trying to improve our provision. 

We do this by:

Regular Feedback Sessions
Organising regular feedback sessions / meetings where parents and carers can openly share their thoughts and experiences.

Surveys and Questionnaires
Running surveys and/or questionnaires to gather feedback from our parent community. This allows parents to provide input anonymously and may encourage more honest responses. We consistently use this feedback to identify areas of improvement.

Parent Involvement Programs
Encouraging and facilitating parent involvement in school activities. This can include volunteering opportunities, participation in school events, or joining our parent-teacher association (PATH). Actively involving parents in the school community fosters a sense of belonging and shared responsibility.

Communication Channels
Establishing clear and accessible communication channels between the school and parents. This includes regular information emails, newsletters, our school website and Class Dojo, keeping parents informed about school updates, events, and any changes to policies or procedures.

Responsive Action
Demonstrating that we value feedback by taking responsive action. If certain issues or concerns are consistently raised, we work on implementing solutions and keeping parents informed about the progress. This demonstrates that parent input is highly valued and contributes to positive change.

Parent Workshops
Organising information workshops, Zoom sessions and sound bite videos that address common concerns or provide insights into the school's educational approach. This can help parents better understand the school's goals and methods, fostering a collaborative approach and ethos.

Digital Platforms
Utilising digital platforms for communication and feedback. Online forums, emails, or dedicated portals can facilitate convenient and timely interaction between the school and parents.

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