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Here at Hermitage we encourage all our pupils to be able to express themselves and say how they feel. This journey begins in Nursery.

We give them the vocabulary for their feelings and explain what they can do when they feel that way. This also helps the children with their peers and is a lifelong skill. The power of YET! When children first start their learning journey they will require lots of support from staff and you as parents.

At Hermitage the staff and pupils have adopted Growth Mindset, which has allowed them to build their confidence to try new things without the fear of failure as they know you have to keep trying and build up your resilience. With our youngest children we use the word YET a lot.

I can't do it = You can't do it YET

I don't know how = You don't how how YET

I don't want to do it anymore = Keep going, you can do it!

I don't want to = Let's try together 

We show the children together and they practise. It’s all about perseverance and resilience, bouncing back and learning how to get out of negative feelings.

Here are some books you may like to share with your child to support their understanding of Growth Mindset 

The Dot : Peter H. Reynolds : 9781844281695Bears Don't Read!: Chichester Clark, Emma, Chichester Clark,  Emma: BooksThe Girl Who Never Made Mistakes: A Growth Mindset Book For Kids To Promote  Self Esteem eBook: Pett, Mark, Rubinstein, Gary: Kindle StoreBeautiful OOPS: Barney Salzberg: BooksHow to Catch a Star: Jeffers, Oliver, Jeffers, Oliver: BooksAlmost Anything: Henn, Sophy, Henn, Sophy: 9780141370743:  BooksStuck by Oliver Jeffers: 9780399257377 | BooksFill A Bucket: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Young Children:  Carol McCloud, Katherine Martin: 9781933916286: Books

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